Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Samsung Chat 322 Price India, Samsung Chat 322 Duos QWERTY Keypad Mobile

Samsung Chat 322

Samsung Chat 322 Duos is a Dual SIM GSM+GSM mobile added to Samsung Duos Series Dual SIM mobile. Samsung Chat 322 features QWERTY keypad, trackball for easy navigation, 1.3 mega-pixel camera, Social networking support, Auto Pull e-mail feature & More.

Samsung Chat 322 Price in India:
Samsung Chat 322 Duos available in India at price Rs. 4,490.

Samsung Chat 322 Duos Features & Specifications:

- Dual SIM GSM
- QWERTY keypad
- 1.3 mega-pixel camera
- DUOS user interface
- 1.3MP camera
- USB 2.0 connectivity
- Trackball
- Auto Pull e-mail feature
- Social networking support
- Bluetooth
- Music Player
- Video Player

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Dont even think of buying this phone. This is not a business phone. None of the features work perfectly. Dual sim is only active standby and not atcive call. The phone restarts atleast 5-6 times a day there is some problem with the firmware. THe camera resoluton is poor. The phone has only 4 mb of space for installation of application which is majorly occupied by the system apps like yahoo msgr msn msgr and palringo. You cannot install any business apps like dictonary or mobile office. Push email doesnot work if you keep switching sims and network. Now at all a good buy. Totall waste of money

@boy9893 Samsung Chat 322 is a qwerty phone and its dual sim as well. Some time few issues were there you need to solve it via company service center they will answer you if there is any problem. Don't Worry its all about machine it may cause problems. As per my view Samsung Chat 322 is nice phone to buy



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