Friday, January 21, 2011

LG 3D Mobile Concept at CES 2011

After 3D mobiles from varied parties like Sharp and Spice, LG has tossed its hat into the ring as well. After showcasing its 3D mobile concept at CES 2011, an LG executive revealed that the company would reveal a working model "shortly."

While talking to Pocket Lint, James Choi, a Marketing Strategy & Planning Team Director at LG mentioned that LG was very close to revealing a mobile phone with a 3D display that did not require glasses. To the uninitiated, LG had showcased a 4.3-inch stand-alone 3D display at CES 2011 that did not require 3D glasses.

Previously we have reported on the super-cheap Spice View D 3D phone and how Sharp was soon going to launch 3D mobile phones for India and even how HTC had a 3D Android phone in the works. Looks like LG might just steal the limelight from all the other players.

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