Thursday, January 6, 2011

G'Five Mobiles Becomes 2nd Largest Selling Mobile Phones In India

According to market intelligence firm IDC's India Quarterly Mobile Handsets Tracker, 3Q 2010, December 2010 release, the Chinese brand G'Five emerged as No. 2 player in terms of unit shipments market share leaving behind the Korean handset manufacturer Samsung at at No. 3 in 3Q 2010.

With Nokia having a market share of over 30% , G' Five left behind rest of the competitors with a market share of 11%.

The India mobile handsets market continued to grow in 3Q 2010 as well to record a quarter-on-quarter (3Q 2010 over 2Q 2010) growth of 3.6%* to touch 40.08 million units in the quarter, according to IDC India. The year is expected to end with total mobile handset sales of 155.9 million units.

The number of emerging vendors in India's burgeoning mobile handsets market grew to 68% and they together garnered 41.2%* of total shipments (sales) for the first time during the July-Sep 2010 quarter. This represented a steady rise from only 5 new vendors representing a 0.9%* combined share of units shipped in the January-March 2008 quarter.

The man behind the stupendous growth of G'Five in India , Mr. Jaideep Chopra said " G'Five mobiles have always been very active in terms of sales in India and the research results have finally proved that. Our mobiles are high on quality and priced very competitively making it a must buy for all mobile users in India. Our major share of sales have been with the young population of India along with people of various age groups. Our strong point has always been the easy availability of G' Five in all the cities and towns or villages of India as we believe that a useful product like a mobile phone should be available to all".

3Q 2010 saw a strong quarter-on-quarter (3Q 2010 over 2Q 2010) growth in smartphone sales by 34.2%* and a year-on-year (3Q 2010 over 3Q 2009) increase by 294.9%*. This clearly underscores the trend that India mobile handset consumers have started showing higher inclination towards adopting smartphones.

Smartphone prices continued to drop through the year and as competition increased, devices were made available by vendors at successively lower price points. So, while 80%* of total India smartphone sales were below the ASV (Average Sales Value) of Rs. 18,000 in 2Q 2010, this proportion increased to 90%* in 3Q 2010. And this is where G' Five mobiles captured the market with best features at a very competitive price.

Mr. Chopra continued saying that "we have had a good run in terms of sales in Tier II & III cities in India and would now be moving to metros with new models being launched very soon. We hope to see G' five mobile phones as a must buy mobile phone for all those people who want good quality at a much cheaper price and India would be one of primary markets as India is a huge market for mobile phones".

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