Friday, December 31, 2010

Cleartrip Mobile: Travel Booking Now Available From Mobile Phones


Cleartrip Mobile: Travel Booking Now Available From Mobile Phones

Cleartrip Mobile is the first comprehensive travel product available on a mobile phone today. It gives today's travellers the power to book trains and flights, check PNR status and trip details from the palm of their hands.

Cleartrip Mobile is a bold re-imagining of how travel should work on mobile devices. It delivers the same powerful functionality of the main web site in a simplified format that is highly optimised for mobile devices. Making travel simple on a mobile device drove the development of Cleartrip Mobile; for instance, people using Cleartrip Mobile to book travel fill out fewer than half the fields they would fill out on the main web site.

Hrush Bhatt, Founder of Cleartrip, said "We're thrilled with Cleartrip Mobile and providing another first for our customers. The team here worked hard to create something that is so simple and so comprehensive that it's a joy to use. Mobile internet users are expected to outnumber PC-based internet uses in 2011 and those users are going to look for convenience. Mobile devices are quite a challenge for anyone creating applications or sites—speed, efficiency and simplicity are all critical 'features' for a mobile product. Cleartrip has always focused on these things, and I'm proud to say that our mobile team have outdone themselves."
Cleartrip Mobile works on any mobile device that enjoys an internet connection and comes in two different flavours. One version is optimised to work on feature phones with keypads, while a more powerful version is available for touch-based phones such as Apple's iPhone or Android-based phones. iPhone and Android users have access to additional features such as the ability to make bookings with just one click using Express Checkout.
With sophisticated device detection, Cleartrip Mobile automatically provides you with the best user experience for your mobile phone, whether that's a smartphone or a more basic phone.

Source: Cleartrip Travel Services Private Limited

Download Cleartrip Mobile For iPhones & Android Mobiles: Click Here
Download Cleartrip Mobile For Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, & Other Mobile Phones: Click Here

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