Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spice QT-68 Price, Spice QT-68 QWERTY Features Phone

Spice QT-68

Spice QWERTY Mobile: Spice QT-68 is a Dual SIM GSM mobile with features like full QWERTY keypad. Spice QT-68 comes with features like a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, 2 memory card support and trackpad for easy navigation.

Spice QT-68 Price: Around Rs. 3900/-

Spice QT-68 Features & Specifications:
- Track Pad: Keep your fingers free from strain. With QT-68 Track Pad feature, now no need to press the keys for every function, move smoothly on every menu.
- Wi-Fi: On the go- With WIFI support, you can connect to the internet without the hassle of a modem and cables. Connect wirelessly at home, office, even airports and cafes!
- Dual Expandable Memory: The QT 68 come with 2-T flash cards enabling you to easily store and share your movies, music, photos and other data. There’s so much memory you would forget about it.
- 3.2 MP Camera: Make professional photographers turn green with envy. With the powerful 3.2 MP Camera, you can capture images with the perfect contrast and clarity. With a variety of modes and settings, there is no image that the QT-68 cannot click to perfection.
- Stereo Bluetooth: Bluetooth provides great connectivity, helping you get the most out of your mobile experience. The technology enables communication with other Bluetooth allows you to connect wirelessly, perfect for having hands-free conversations

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