Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Micromax Q Series Mobiles Price in India

Micromax Q Series Mobiles in India with Price:

Micromax Q2+: Price Rs. 2499
Micromax Q5 FB: Price Rs. 3849
Micromax Q55: Price Rs. 4869
Micromax Q75: Price Rs. 5149
Micromax Q5C: Price Rs. 4399
Micromax Q7: Price Rs. 4579
Micromax Q55 (Limited IIFA Edition): Price Rs. 5339
Micromax Q6: Price Rs. 4779
Micromax Q3: Price Rs. 3165
Micromax Q3+: Price Rs. 3299
Micromax Q50: Price Rs. 4549
Micromax Eclipse Q66: Price Rs. 5399
Micromax Q1: Price Rs. 1599
Micromax Q2: Price Rs. 2290

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