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Samsung Mobiles Price List in India as on October 2012

Samsung is the largest South Korean conglomerate and a major multinational company, making it one of the leading companies in the world. Headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, which is present in over 100 countries. The name of Samsung, in fact, means "three stars" in Korean. Samsung business is actually composed of three different clusters under a clump of Samsung. Samsung Electronics is part of the conglomerate. Samsung Electronics is also the leader of the largest global electronics. Samsung Mobile is part of Samsung Electronics, the main areas of concern are digital media, semiconductors, telecommunications and digital cameras LCD. There is also a world leader in the field of liquid crystal displays. In 2007, the company has exceeded $ 100 million in sales, which was a major achievement for the first time in company history.

Samsung Mobiles are more popular in India with their Galaxy Series SmartPhones. Now Samsung has variety of mobile phones like QWERTY, Android OS, 3G, Touchscreen, Slider & Dual SIM which people want to have in their mobile. Samsung launched few phones with their own OS Samsung BADA as well.

Here is the Samsung Mobiles Price List. Samsung Mobile Phones Price in India.

Samsung Mobiles Price List (Updated: October 2012)

Samsung Guru E1081 Price: Rs. 990
Samsung E1200 Price: Rs. 1,085
Samsung Guru E1085T Price: Rs. 1,150
Samsung E1205 Price: Rs. 1,180
Samsung Guru FM E1220 Price: Rs. 1,349
Samsung Guru Dual 25 E1225 Price: Rs. 1,449
Samsung Hero Music E1232B Price: Rs. 1,645
Samsung E2230 Price: Rs. 1,939
Samsung Hero E2232 Price: Rs. 2,075
Samsung Guru 539 Price: Rs. 2,290
Samsung Guru Dual 35 E2152 Price: Rs. 2,390
Samsung E2252 Price: Rs. 2,390
Samsung C3011 Price: Rs. 2,429
Samsung Mpower Muzic F219 Price: Rs. 2,690
Samsung Metro DUOS C3322 Price: Rs. 2,990
Samsung Metro C3520 Price: Rs. 2,999
Samsung E2222 Price: Rs. 3,024
Samsung Hero E3213 Price: Rs. 3,098
Samsung C3212 Price: Rs. 3,290
Samsung Champ 2 C3330 Price: Rs. 3,390
Samsung Champ C3303I Price: Rs. 3,399
Samsung Guru Dual W139 Price: Rs. 3,460
Samsung Metro C3200 Price: Rs. 3,499
Samsung Monte Bar C3200 Price: Rs. 3,589
Samsung Chat C3222 Price: Rs. 3,590
Samsung C3312 Price: Rs. 3,635
Samsung Metro S3310i Price: Rs. 3,699
Samsung Metro C3752 Price: Rs. 3,790
Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos Price: Rs. 3,790
Samsung Metro S3600 Price: Rs. 3,800
Samsung Metro C3530 Price: Rs. 3,890
Samsung Champ DUOS E2652 Price: Rs. 4,250
Samsung Metro C3560 Price: Rs. 4,290
Samsung Ch@t S5270 Price: Rs. 4,490
Samsung Duo 169 W169 Price: Rs. 4,528
Samsung MPower TV S239 Price: Rs. 4,617
Samsung Ch@t 527 Price: Rs. 4,690
Samsung S3770 Price: Rs. 4,699
Samsung Chat 335 S3353 Price: Rs. 4,940
Samsung Metro S5200 Price: Rs. 4,955
Samsung Star 3 Duos S5222 Price: Rs. 5,145
Samsung S5610 Price: Rs. 5,190
Samsung Wave525 S5253 Price: Rs. 5,490
Samsung Star II S5263 Price: Rs. 5,650
Samsung Corby II S3850 Price: Rs. 5,699
Samsung W279 Price: Rs. 5,990
Samsung Duos W259 Price: Rs. 6,090
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Price: Rs. 6,190
Samsung Wave Y S5380 Price: Rs. 6,645
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Price: Rs. 6,740
Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA I509 Price: Rs. 7,490
Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus S5360 Price: Rs. 7,500
Samsung Galaxy5 I5503 Price: Rs. 7,999
Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 Price: Rs. 8,330
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Price: Rs. 8,469
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512 Price: Rs. 8,890
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Price: Rs. 9,249
Samsung Galaxy Pop I559 Price: Rs. 9,850
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Price: Rs. 10,400
Samsung Wave M S7250 Price: Rs. 11,799
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Price: Rs. 11,899
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Price: Rs. 14,000
Samsung Omnia W I8350 Price: Rs. 15,200
Samsung Wave II S8530 Price: Rs. 15,349
Samsung Wave 3 S8600 Price: Rs. 15,390
Samsung Wave 2 S5253 Price: Rs. 15,660
Samsung Omnia M Price: Rs. 15,899
Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 Price: Rs. 18,310
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 (WiFi / 3G / 16GB) Price: Rs. 18,990
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Price: Rs. 21,449
Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Price: Rs. 22,088
Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 Price: Rs. 22,490
Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Price: Rs. 22,739
Samsung S Advance I9070 Price: Rs. 23,099
Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Price: Rs. 26,143
Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Price: Rs. 26,400
Samsung Galaxy Beam Price: Rs. 28,900
Samsung Google Nexus S Price: Rs. 28,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 Price: Rs. 30,840
Samsung Galaxy Note Price: Rs. 31,449
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Price: Rs. 31,990
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Price: Rs. 34,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 Price: Rs. 35,600
Samsung Galaxy S3 Price: Rs. 36,890

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