Friday, September 24, 2010

Onida Mobiles Price List June 2012: Onida Mobile Phones Price in India

Here is the Onida Mobiles Price List: All Onida Mobile Phones with Price in India.

Onida Mobiles Price List As on June 2012

Onida F090 Price: Rs. 2,499
Onida F099 Price: Rs. 2,999
Onida F101 Price: Rs. 3,499
Onida F930 3G Price: Rs. 2,899
Onida F970 Price: Rs. 2,749
Onida G133 Price: Rs. 1,099
Onida G145 Price: Rs. 1,455
Onida G515 Price: Rs. 1,897
Onida G525 Price: Rs. 1,699
Onida G590 Price: Rs. 1,699
Onida G595 Price: Rs. 2,149
Onida G600 Price: Rs. 1,675
Onida G601 Price: Rs. 1,549
Onida G619 Price: Rs. 2,025
Onida G646 Price: Rs. 1,899
Onida G705 Price: Rs. 1,850
Onida G715 Price: Rs. 2,249
Onida G720i Price: Rs. 2,249
Onida G721 3G Price: Rs. 2,999
Onida G725 Price: Rs. 2,549
Onida I9 Andy Price: Rs. 6,499
Onida KYS70 Price: Rs. 2,399
Onida KYT005 Price: Rs. 2,049
Onida S555 Price: Rs. 2,175

- We do not guarantee for the prices. Mobile Phones price may vary with time better to check mobile price list from online shopping sites for mobile phones.
- Mobile Phones price list will be valid till date when it posted.
- We are giving approx price of Mobile Phones.
- If anyone have any excuses please mail me on latestmobilephonesindia(at)gmail(dot)com

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