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Nokia Mobiles Price List in India as on October 2012

Nokia is leading brand for mobile phones in the World. Nokia has all the variety of mobile phones from cheapest to most expensive ones as well. Nokia mobiles are more reliable and feature-rich do not have to think twice before buying a Nokia mobile phone. Nokia India has changed the whole strategy for the Indian mobile market with the launch of a dual SIM phone which is a big hit in India Nokia C1 and Nokia C2. Nokia is also trying to return to its smartphone market share in the launch of the Symbian OS^3 smartphones such as Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 (Nokia's flagship phone). In India, Nokia is facing a fierce competition with local brands such as Micromax and Spice with cheap cellular characteristics of the Indian masses.

Here is the Nokia Mobiles Price List & Nokia Mobile Phones Price in India.

Nokia Mobiles Price List (Last Updated: October 2012)

Nokia 1280 Price: Rs. 949
Nokia 100 Price: Rs. 1,145
Nokia 101 Price: Rs. 1,399
Nokia 1800 Price: Rs. 1,399
Nokia X1-01 Price: Rs. 1,799
Nokia C1-00 Price: Rs. 1,871
Nokia C1-01 Price: Rs. 1,910
Nokia C1-02 Price: Rs. 2,149
Nokia 110 Price: Rs. 2,199
Nokia C2 Price: Rs. 2,299
Nokia X2-02 Price: Rs. 3,150
Nokia 2720 Fold Price: Rs. 3,232
Nokia C2-02 Price: Rs. 3,275
Nokia C2-03 Price: Rs. 3,630
Nokia X2-01 Price: Rs. 3,649
Nokia C2-01 Price: Rs. 3,650
Nokia Asha 202 Price: Rs. 3,700
Nokia Asha 200 Price: Rs. 3,750
Nokia C2-06 Price: Rs. 4,295
Nokia Asha 305 Price: Rs. 4,450
Nokia X2 Price: Rs. 4,625
Nokia Asha 300 Price: Rs. 5,689
Nokia C5-05 Price: Rs. 5,699
Nokia Asha 302 Price: Rs. 5,711
Nokia C3 Price: Rs. 5,904
Nokia Touch & Type X3-02 Price: Rs. 6,990
Nokia C5 Price: Rs. 7,046
Nokia X3-02.5 Price: Rs. 7,199
Nokia Asha 303 Price: Rs. 7,390
Nokia C5-03 Price: Rs. 8,135
Nokia E5 Price: Rs. 8,450
Nokia 500 Price: Rs. 8,799
Nokia C6 Price: Rs. 10,516
Nokia Lumia 610 Price: Rs. 11,990
Nokia 603 Price: Rs. 12,299
Nokia 700 Price: Rs. 12,699
Nokia Lumia 710 Price: Rs. 14,077
Nokia E6 Price: Rs. 16,099
Nokia C7 Price: Rs. 16,499
Nokia 701 Price: Rs. 16,949
Nokia N8 Price: Rs. 17,099
Nokia X7 Price: Rs. 19,749
Nokia E7 Price: Rs. 19,759
Nokia Lumia 800 Price: Rs. 22,014
Nokia PureView 808 Price: Rs. 30,250

- We do not guarantee for the prices. Mobile Phones price may vary with time better to check mobile price list from online shopping sites for mobile phones.
- Mobile Phones price list will be valid till date when it posted.
- We are giving approx price of Mobile Phones.
- If anyone have any excuses please mail me on latestmobilephonesindia(at)gmail(dot)com

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what is the price of nokia700 and nokia701 ???



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